Cullen Scott

The Hardest Part

The hardest part is deciding to start,

whether mending a heart or a new piece of art.

Start as you may one time or two, it’s rare that things work out the first time

we choose. If you quit too soon, you’ll never know, what could have been of

your life if you decided to grow, in a world in which we all just chose to


You don't have a say in how you exit the womb or to whom, focus on that and

you’re doomed to the tomb, takes more than some luck to climb out of the

muck, half of the battle just learning when to not give a f*ck. When worldly

distractions always drag you amock, begging you to conspire with their evil

havoc, always wondering if you’re enough or if you’re doing too much.



Cullen Scott

Cullen Scott

Creative individual hailing from the frigid northeast. Lover of music, food, and inspiring conversations.